1. musings

    Northside Social

    coffee, math, and backpacks

  2. the pup


    the best pup around

  3. living


    two american kids doing the best that they can


5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Your brevity say so much. Love the last shot especially. First shot makes me nervous, because I am such a poor mathematician. I admire anyone who can stick with it. Thanks for stoppin by my blog. It means a lot to me—M.

    • Thank -you- Melissa; so often I read your posts and have to stop in the middle of them, to wipe the tears from my face and collect myself. Then I read the rest, yet I still don’t have words sufficient to those you share on your blog. Thank you for your honesty and your clear assessment of such unwieldy and insensible feelings and happenings. Prayers for you, always.

    • it involves a little interwebs but no magic. wordpress.com sites are super easy and you get tons of options. once you have it, all you do is type thoughts (as if you are in the google machine.) if you need help, i can give you what tips I have in my pocket (it’s a small pocket; it’s a small number of tips)

      • :) tiny pockets. Sounds like a deal…let me mess around with it, if I have any questions I’ll hit you up on the facespace…or page you on your beeper. #googlemachine

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