day 151: just not a good day. in fact a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

e and I had our worst day yet. He was mad at me. I was mad at him. He screamed. We both cried. Naps were a bust. It was just really really bad. Can’t say why. I can say I shouldn’t have been frustrated or angry or mad. This kid is clearly going through a lot and has so many huge feelings and is such a small small person and I should have held his hand and gave him a hug and helped him work through them instead of having to take a time out of my own. I shouldn’t have taken it personally, because it wasn’t personal. I have so so much to learn. I have so much growing to do myself.


day 118: stay with me

Bean and A accompanied me to the gym. We planned dinner and a trip to the bookstore for afterwards, but bean was rather done at that point.

The workout was a modified “bleep” test: 13 minutes of 5 thrusters (#75/#55), 5 pull-ups, and 5 burpees. The first time you fail you head to the erg and row your heart out. I made it to the ninth round, one burpee keeping me away from the tenth. 

It was a fine workout, but even better was that sweet little face smiling at me when it was time to go home.