day 146: maddy came over

red rover red rover send maddy right over.
it was so nice to be with my sistwer. we made chocolate chip cookies. we sat on the floor. and then last night she nursed me through a lot of tears and a lot of anxiety and a lot of pain, and now I feel okay again.

bean and I went on a trip. our very first trip by ourselves. our very very first without screaming from departure to arrival and then back again.


day 331: thanks giving

Thanksgiving is not just about thanks, it’s also about giving.

— Mom

Wise words.


I am thankful for the first Thanksgiving in thirteen years that I was able to eat food without berating myself for being “so fat.”

I am thankful for the chance to experiment, the unquestioning support, the selfless encouragement, the wise and learned advice, the spirit of confidence.

I am thankful for my family, and it’s blessed growth over these past few years.

I am thankful for my husband, who continually surprises me with his love, and who continually surprises me into love.

I am thankful for the boom, who teaches me how to love.

I am thankful for this little bean, for all his promise, all his possibility.

I am thankful for God’s presence in my life.





1000 m

day 285: I want to make all the things and that’s all I want to do!

First off, A just had a staring contest with Boom and the little pup won! Woohoo puppy! And great job to A for being such a good sport. This made me grin big.

It’s been a day of lounging: couch lounging, chair lounging, and now back to couch lounging. Oddly enough the chair lounging seems to be part of a completely separate day than the couch lounging that bookends it. We shared it in a getaway with friends, drinking bottomless mimosas (just straight orange juice for this girl), laughing with eyes squeezed shut, and keeping up with the game on TV.

The small walks I took throughout the day were refreshing with the brisk wind kissing my cheeks. Every step brought with it a small knife to my hamstrings: Friday’s Romanian deadlifts are making themselves known. It is a good feeling from a relaxed workout. Right now I’m really favoring the WODs that encourage breathing :) Even on sprint or endurance das I take my sweet time. It’s what I need right now.

It’s nice to be back home again, boom nestled between us, carrying on the gamewatch cozy and reclined. I’m not feeling so well; my body isn’t quite right. A little bit of nausea and an overwhelming weariness racks my chest: odd but not the worst thing ever.

I’m using this recline to feed my suddenly insatiable appetite to make things. Everything. I want to make Christmas. I want to make friendship. I want to make hugs and cuddles and kisses. I want to make moments and memories and joy. At least, I want to make things that will inspire those wondrous aspects of life. Here, again, a small collection of all the things I want to make:

128-blanket-600-5 lap-duvet-dots-425 lovenotes pixie_dust_blanket_snowflake-600-3 braided-friendship-bracelet-600-5 cashmere-cuff-63-600   Dipped-Towel-10 Felted-Coffee-Cozy-20wool-liberty-teddy-bear-600-7


KT needs a sewing machine


day 259: chai again

KT’s invention of the day: chai tea latte yummay in my tummay.

Hello! To make your very own chai tea latte at home, you must first purchase Republic of Tea’s Warm the Heart herbal infusion. Additionally you should have honey in your pantry and heavy cream in your fridge. And water in your tap.

Heat the water, then steep two tea sachets in your favorite cup of the moment for about five minutes. Add a teaspoon of honey (or more. or less.) then splash a generous amount of heavy cream on top until its milky and full of everything that’s good about India.

Sip as you study and pet your puppy.



day 245: oh man time to cram

Well, look at me, cramming for exam-ing. Sheldon Cooper would shake his head. KT of yesteryear would shake her head. Yes, all the world is shaking its head.

But guess what — it will all work out alright.

Today is a happy day. Happy happy happy.


Tomorrow is Microbiology Chapters 1, 3, and 10.

Thursday is Chemistry Chapter 12 and Lab Safety.

Friday is the exam for those.

Saturday is Organic Chapter 14.

And all around the watchtower is Raman Raman Raman. With all this fun, I just wanna dance. (Cue Napoleon Dynamite.) Joy is in the air, folks, and busy is on the table.

Time to cook up some veggies and be responsible, then back to the books.

One love



day 241: s caroliney

Hello young lovers. (The song is in my head. Like zombies ;)

Anyway anywho we’re south of the border, one big happy family. There’s a nice little place where smiles on your face just bloom.

Except if your face is boom’s :/

She’s been a bratt today, barking in her high pitched frantic way. I hope she behaves herself tomorrow.

M made a Texas sheet cake! My first one ever and boy was it good. Sadly it exited my body promptly after consumption, in a fairly painful manner.

Mom and dad bought us an air mattress. We’ll sleep great tonight!!!

May all have sweet dreams this fine evening.



day 215: zoology

The morning began with an alarm: early church then NoSo for work and study and sweet sweet coffee. And bacon. We set out with a mission: stealth knowledge acquisition. And people watching. We waved at the children, blowed bubbles at the babies, awwwwed at the old folk and stalked Korean/Japanese hipsters. All while understanding information on equilibrium and lock gears that eluded us through the week.

In the middle of our NoSo antics, I said to A: “let’s ride our bikes to the zoo sometime.” Five minutes later, la’M calls and says “let’s go to the zoo!” So I threw away my plans to GWOD (100 pushups, 100 v-ups, snatches and ohss as I got tired) and set off on a zoological survey.


la’M was perched atop a baby bear cub encased in stone. No no just a sculpture but it was still fairly lifelike. I had plans to climb atop its back but the height deterred me. In addition to carved rocks and triceratops-look-alikes we saw elephants and cheetahs and otters and sea lions and gazelle and zebra and vultures and cheetahs again. My pictures of the animals are nothing much to see. But my pictures of these pictures are pretty epic.

Part supérieur


Part inférieur


Five of us in a photo booth, acting like a pride of lions. These are the crazy hazy lazy days of summer.

24 hours that are easy like a Sunday morning. It’s been all smiles on this girl’s cheeks. Now for a little more research, a little more reflection, and a lot of rest for this week’s adventures.


p.s. Also my husband loves sprinkles. Who knew?