day 126: the big partayyyy

Well, bean’s party wasn’t straight out of Pinterest, and it wasn’t on top of the tallest tree in the realm (it wasn’t a dog party, not even a big dog party; nope not a dog in sight!)  

We woke to a cloudy rainy day: the coldest day in weeks!  A was at the gym already but bean had on a smile and boom was keeping her barking civil, so I rushed to whip up some edible cupcakes. 

A came home, balloons in hand, and we (including the nap-less e) made our rainy way to the gazebo, optimisting in tank tops and shorts, saying fie to the weather! After all, the weather app said it definitely wasn’t raining and it definitely wasn’t cold. Who were we to disagree?

We had a lovely reunion with mom and dad and Henry, Karl, Margaret, k, G, and g and were only missing Maddy. Half an hour under the spitting sky and we moved to the clubhouse, at which point the sun woke up and joined the celebration. The food, and the Roys, were still an hour away and we all just chatted and had a grand old time with lots of balloons, happy that it was finally a bit warm.

Cake time came and went; indeed e couldn’t smash the cake at all and it ended up in the trash, but he had fun with the “frosting.” (I just put some coconut butter all over it; it’s his favorite, I think. I could just be force-feeding it to him though! But he does always open his little mouth for another bite.)

After the cake and the candle and hugs and the goodbyes we went back inside and had a bath. He fell asleep in the warm water as I cradled him in my arms. 


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