day 114: four hours

Yesterday was the longest I’ve been away from bean in his short life. Four whole hours. He was with his poppa, so all in all he was just fine, but it was long for me and long for him (at least, I think it was. He hasn’t let me out of his sight since!)

I went to the dentist to get my appliances. They are monstrous. But if they work, I couldn’t care less. They spent an hour and a half making fine adjustments, which was just fine with me. The nighttime appliance still hurts, but I go back in two weeks so I’ll ask to have it sanded down then.

One and a half hours meant I missed the 1630 class at the gym. I just made it to the 1645 (after lots of hemming and hawing and a little bit of getting lost.) The workout was hard, and good. I slowed down a lot at the end; my stamina is shot. But I will work on it, and I will get better, and I will go to the gym even when I just want to go home and cuddle my little bean after too long of being gone.

He deserves a strong momma.


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