day 111: a little bit of cleaning

A came home early on Friday! It was so exciting to see him! bean is still doing his 45 minute naps, but smiling in spite of their brevity.

We went to the gym at 12:30 and I did a couple of AMRAPs with toes-to-bar, pushups, and cleans. I loved the cleans, did some fast pull-ups, but crashed on those toes-to-bar. I have a lot of work to do with my shoulders and grip!

Cue Crossover Symmetry. I bought that bad boy for A as a “push present.” I’m not sure why he got the push present as I was doing the pushing…but honestly his support and the faith he had in me throughout pregnancy was a gift of incomparable value. All tit-for-tat aside, I do need to utilize the system to build up my back and get strong!

I have a few new dreams in my work-bag, including press to handstand, hand-stand push-ups, and muscle-ups. Time to get cracking!

Strict pull-ups are three inches away and pistols are two inches to go. Glad to see the progress.


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