day 103: the real new year

Perhaps I should have started counting my days from today, my birthday.

It is, after all, the beginning of my 27th year.

And a marvelous start it was. A took at day off of his business trips, stopping in from Connecticut and spending a few precious hours with me before he took off again to Key West. He showered me with kisses and squeezed me with hugs and then gave me presents to boot: a new pair of kicks, a book I’ve had my eye on for ages (Freestyle by Carl Paoli) and the sweetest note I’ve ever read.

We went to the gym (where I did 100 squats at #120, and took a whopping 37:56 to do so) and then we went to Swing’s and I had some birthday tea. Over to MOM’s to get some birthday groceries and back home to take a birthday shower. 

A left on his jet plane and my original family took over, with a surprise birthday call from my dad and surprise birthday yarn from my mom and a surprise birthday dinner at my favorite place to eat, complete with a sweet birthday hug from my big little brother who towers over me. I held strong to my Whole30 for the main course with an indulgent grassfed ribeye topped with buttah, but caved on the birthday ice cream. I do intend to go into bean’s first birthday with a happy disposition so I will keep eating consciously, but I won’t begin another Whole30 until after his birthday celebration. 

It was so wonderful to see my family. I missed Karl and the gang and Maddy, but got a wonderful call from the former and distracted the latter from her studies with various memes and virtual lols.

Finally I get to fall asleep to the soft breaths of my sweet angel, the greatest blessing, the person who opened up the world to me. It was a good year, an excellent birthday, and the year to come will be grand, wherever we may go.



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