day 95: grass between our toes

Prior to Tuesday, bean had never felt the caress of itchy grass beneath his feet. Sure, we were outside a ton, but mostly we were walking boom. Bean had been quite the cranky pants with four teeth coming in, so we did what we always do and headed for the door.

Outside in our element, we veered away from the dog park, aiming for the playground. Arriving, we found it full of people and full of wood chips, so we settled on a patch of grass between the soccer fields and the baseball diamond. Gutsy placement, I know, and we dodged a good three balls (two soccer and one baseball) but despite our attitude of vigilance, “carefree” was the spirit of the day. Bean, amazed by all of the wondrous things to be found on the ground and then put to his mouth, forgot entirely about his sore gums. Boom sat patiently. I practiced pistols (and got them!) though, given the incline of our grassy knoll, they were more like water guns.


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