day 87: destroying the pattern

Why live? Rand al’Thor, at the brink of destroying the world, asks this atop Dragonmount.

It’s all for love.

Also, I really really really like Brandon Sanderson’s potrayal of this story, so much better than Jordan’s. I know the story is Jordan’s but Sanderson knocks it out of the park.

I await the thirteenth novel. I shot myself in the foot yesterday (yet again) and placed it on hold for pickup at the library we can walk to. Then, unable to wait for it any longer, I skipped the gym and drove to Central Library instead, only to find it was already in transit to our library. It hasn’t been sorted yet so it’s still out of my grasp.

Despite my gym-skipping, I did work out yesterday. It was quite difficult; seven minutes of a max calorie row with five burpees at the top of each minute, followed by a seven minute EMOM of eight kettle bell swings and eight goblet squats at #45. I ended up getting 44 calories and lasted through the second workout, so all was good, but my breathing wasn’t back to normal for about an hour and I had dizziness and nausea on top of it. Not my best showing by any means, but certainly a kick in the pants to keep at it.

This workout was a bit different than my usual home workouts: A acted as my personal coach. It was a real treat to have him there cheering me on during the last few minutes. Usually I’m embarrassed to work out in front of him; my standing as an athlete suffered a spectacular fall and a part of me wants to get back to where I was before I work out where others can see me, especially A. I know, it’s silly. I’m working on it.


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