day 85: CPR

A was away all day, learning how to preserve life when it slips from the liver’s grasp. As the sun prepared to set, he arrived home with a furrow in his brow. In each of those dummies he saw bean, and the vision shadowed his usual ready smile.

He taught me what to do and now we both know at least a little bit. We pray that if we ever have to use it, it will be enough.

I passed the day in a daze. It was not my best showing. Even while playing with bean it felt as though I was only going through the motions. That small effort to bundle us up against the return of the cold seemed exhausting, so we stayed inside instead.

Bean and boom weren’t so conflicted. They chased each other around the living room and then went on their separate ways, boom to keep watch at the window and bean to examine his most fascinating toothbrush.


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