day 84: 15.5

On Friday, e and I woke to a wet bed, then a flurry of barks. We rushed out to find boomer not at the window (as is usually the case with the rambunctious pup) but in the kitchen, harrying a bug the size of my hand. Well, the size of my palm at least.

bean in one hand, I reached as high as I could to grab the plastic bags. The bug was on his back, futilely waving his spindly legs in the air, so I put bean down on the ground ready to pounce on the infester. Slamming my plastic-coated hand down, I did the unthinkable! I flipped it to its belly and there it was scurrying to bean in a frenzy. I let out a war cry, which was unnaturally high-pitched, and slammed again, eyes squeezing shut in my effort. When I opened them, I saw nothing. Bean and boom wore puzzled expressions on their faces and slowly, slowly, I contracted my hand, grabbing at the hope that the bug was caught. I turned the bag inside out and lo and behold, the little sucker was within. I quickly zipped the bag and all of a sudden the little ones began moving again, begging to see the spectacle.

We went back to the bed, stripped it, fully expecting our morning to be thusly free of events as they’d all filled the first half hour of it. Little did we know we’d be on our toes for the rest of the day.

The next adventure was at the park (where adventures ought to be in truth.) Boomer got into yet another scrap! This time with a look-alike schnauzer. We’re not sure who won that one, but it wasn’t clear that boomer lost. We also don’t know who started it, or why. The other owner left without a word and so I gathered boom and bean and we continued on our way in the struggling sun.

Our evening plans involved dinner with a friend, so bean and A accompanied me to the gym. Usually at the gym, when I’m not actively working, I think about going home to see bean. With bean in close proximity, it was hard to take my eyes off him. Indeed I was practicing my owl disguise, craning my neck this way and that during the warm up and even while judging another athlete during her attempts. Bean was fine, of course, but he is a sight for sore eyes.

Then, my turn rolled around and I tackled the calories and the thrusters with all my might. My might was rather weak. I ticked through the first 27 calories and then, frankly, each rep required a small personal pep talk. I finished the workout in 20 minutes. Katie B brought bean around to cheer on my last 13 reps, and A gave me his gift of personal support for the last 40 reps. The workout was a battle, and I a soldier lacking armor, but I survived however battered. I know I can do more. I know I can do better. I know I need to work to show that.

And so, with the close of the open season, I’ve learned yet again that I have so much to learn. I welcome it, and I will best myself. In fact, I will better myself.


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