day 82: sew co

I adore knitting and lifting is my life blood. With motherhood, these three are certainly “enough.” Nonetheless, I yearn to expand. In addition to tiny-home-building, I would love love love to be a seamstress for my family.

I’ve never been much for clothes. The reasons vary: from feeling awful and ugly in anything off the rack, to flighting freedom whilst half naked, catching waves, basking in the summer sun. Moreover, nothing seems to “fit” quite right, neither in cut nor spirit. Making clothes though; I would be proud to wear something I made. Choosing fabrics, cutting samples, practicing stitches, groaning at my mistakes and grinning at what little progress I make.

I bought a pattern for tiny boxers for bean. I’ve yet to commandeer my father’s sewing machine, but maybe this weekend I’ll be able to borrow it. I have a few old t-shirts that I mean to use for practice. I’ll pad the “fly” with more cotton to catch the leaks. The floors will soon be pee-free!

How grand would it be to have a homemade wardrobe? Well, aside from technical gear that is. Oh who am I to limit myself? Give me ten years and I’ll have it down.


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