day 76: tangle

One ritual necessarily precedes a project’s commencement: winding the center-pull ball. Three hats into my knitting career (and several hours spent in tangles) I finally asked the google machine why knitting was so much time spent undoing unintentional knots versus lovingly ordering them like soldiers at attention.

Google understood my plaintive cry and responded with directions to make one of those cute little balls that kittens bat around.

Now, I generally spend half an hour per skein, winding and winding: time well spent. If I am impatient, I find I tangle even in the process of ensuring I don’t.

The funny thing about tangles is, they really can be undone. All it takes is a little time. I think that’s the case with every problem in life. Sure, it’s best to avoid them. But if I find myself trapped in a giant knot, I’ll move forward with the knowledge that I’ll find my way out of it eventually.


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