day 75: projects

On the needles:
Margaret’s scarf. Coming along beautifully, but I’ve set it aside for other more pressing projects. Due in November.
e’s sweater. As above. Due when bean is five inches taller than he is now.
e’s owl. Finally began. Amazing yarn. The softest I’ve ever felt and so very large and squishy. Due in two months. (HOW can my little baby be almost one year old?)

To be on the needles:
e’s diaper covers. Hoping to switch back to cloth very soon. Wool covers a definite possibility. Bought a few, and would like to make at least one to see how it hold up. Will be useful as he grows and if we are blessed with another little in the future.
e’s blanket.
A’s scarf.
Gift scarf. for someone I don’t know yet.
My hat.
My tank.
A’s sweater.
So many more!

I’m blessed that such joy can come from just a bit of string.


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