day 73: 15.3

With this, my (very short) rein of RX’d workouts come to an end. Muscle-ups are not yet mine.

The scaled version was a little too “easy” and I wanted to get a good workout in, so I went ahead and simply subbed pull-ups for muscle-ups. Those were fine. My wall balls were horrendous. I think I strung together four of them at one point, but the rest were singles. This is definitely something I need to practice. It’s been a good year since the last time I did wall balls, and the lack of dedication shows. I did get a cool picture out of the debacle.

Someone else in the household got his first Rx WOD this open season though!!! Since his shoulder injury two years ago, A has had trouble overhead; snatches and overhead squats at the programmed weights just aren’t worth re-injury. I cautioned him against the muscle ups as well; he hadn’t even tried them since he was hurt! But he knew himself, he believed in himself, and he did them anyway. He got his first one six minutes into the workout, and proceeded to get seven more, resulting in one full round of seven muscle ups, 50 wall balls, and 100 double unders and then one more muscle up in eight minutes! Boy am I proud!


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