day 68: thaw

The sun is out, the temp is up, and we are spending our hours in the fresh air spring is here weather.

Our first day back rifts the ordinary with excitement. We spin down the sidewalk, bean laughing and boom desperately trying to get one last whiff of the telling pee which marks the stones, the trees, the sidewalk, the leaves. We waltz toward the dog park, and boomer suddenly realizes we are on our way to freedom. A forbade us to go, complaining of mud mud mud, but boomer is the cleanest daintiest prissiest pup I know when it comes to grime so I figured he’d have no evidence of our transgression (aside from the guaranteed amazing mood.)

But boomer, dear boomer, would do anything for treats. One loved owner brought her own charge a bag of delicious morsels and, boomer, catching a trace on the thin breeze, bounded over to see if she could get one on cuteness alone. The other dog did not take kindly to sharing and ATTACK! He tackled boomer full force, rolled her on her back, and a spectacular cacophony of barking and gnawing and insult ensued. Boomer recovered once the treat-owner grabbed her motley mutt and I quickly swayed away (bean was asleep!) Not a bit bloody, not even scared (she greeted several other dogs with pleasure), she was a sight to behold if mud and slobber is your cup of tea.

A was not pleased. (Though he did chuckle and roll his eyes at my penchant for trouble.) And not home.

But, as always, my dad saved the day. I’d invited my family over to play with bean and they helped me inside, muddy dog and all. I intended to bathe the boom but bean was having a fit having just woken and without even a drop of nummies. So, dad swooped in, rolled up his sleeves, scrubbed and scrubbed and void la! boomer sure is one clean pup.


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