day 65: c2b

Open Workout 15.2

I didn’t even attempt this workout (repeat of 14.2) last year. At that time, overhead squats were too much for poor bean and my stretching ligaments. And considering I could not do a pull-up at all, chest to bars were out of the question.

While I adore watching amazing athletes battle this WOD (it only gets harder! the mental strength required is impressive), my expectations for myself were low. I hoped for 11 reps: 10 easy overhead squats and then 1 pull-up.

I ended up with 34 reps: 10 ohs, 10 c2b, 10 ohs, 4 c2b by the end of that first 3 minutes. I have a mind to try it again to get to the second round! I continued to work out afterward and ended up with a total of 37 chest to bars in 9 minutes (I switched to ring rows after my hand ripped.) If my hand heals, I’d love to go in on Monday with a goal to get to that second round of three minutes. How great would that be?

Even if my hand continues to be a bloody mess, I’m fairly proud (and entirely surprised.)


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