day 64: night snapshot number 5

I talk with e about the day. Our wake up in the snug, warm sheets, while darkness lingered in the air. Our early morning play, exploring the kitchen, having little snacks of coconut and butter. boomer peeking out from her cocoon of pillows, warily watching us as though we meant to force her into our fun when all she really wanted was to sleep another hour before starting her day of defending the house. We talked about what we read and which books we knocked off of the shelves. We remembered how e opened a folder and took all of the papers out and didn’t try to eat them. We spoke of eggs and how the yolks taste delicious and how beef is even yummier when it’s warmed up and not cold from the refrigerator. We talked about blocks and about string, and about how momma has sooooo much string and is planning to make a glorious white snowy owl for someone’s first birthday. And a teddy bear too. We talked about how fun it was to have poppa home, and we talked about snow, and we talked about spring and sunshine. We talked a lot and then e fell asleep and he smiled in his dreams.


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