day 52: reading with bean

As I’ve been at the gym more frequently, A has commandeered bedtime. He’s given bean a bath all by himself, where “all by himself” refers to both A and bean. Bean sat in the bath all alone like a really big boy, and A got everything ready and then soaped up bean and then dried him off and then rubbed him down with coconut oil and got him all bundled up in PJs and snuggles. No easy task, that, and one I only did out of necessity, when A would have to work, much preferring his helping hands when they were around. But A has it all figured out, and they have a guy-time routine, and I am left with an hour to myself which I inevitably spend watching them (surreptitiously) if I’m not away at the gym.

You see, bean has a habit of crying when he sees me once I’ve been out of sight for a bit. I think he just wants some cuddles and it’s his way of asking for them. We’re working on signs but none have stuck yet, so crying is really all he has. Thus I hide, but sometimes it is hard because I love seeing his sweet face! Yesterday I used my ears instead of my eyes, hiding in the other room as A read bean his bedtime story.

A approaches reading in an entirely different manner than I do. He maintains his individuality, whereas I surrender myself completely to the author. He has some thought for the aspects in his own life in which the story may have bearing, where I change my life, myself, to mimic those characters which I particularly admire. What does this mean for The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

A’s hungry caterpillar is hilarious. He probably won’t get to eat all four strawberries on Thursday because momma will swoop in and eat every single one of them, down to the sticky sweet juice. And the cupcake on Saturday wouldn’t stand a chance in poppa’s world. Also, the plums look a whole lot more like big purple grapes than any plum you’d find at the farmer’s market (incidentally, that’s exactly what I think plums look like but I think A has better eyes than I do.) I could not stop laughing at his anecdotes and personal injections.

Bean, boom ,and I sure are blessed to have a person like him.


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