day 49: rings and rowing

Wednesday rolled around and there it was: my second time at the gym in as many days. It was great to get in there again, even for a workout which has none of my favorites and none of my interests and actually nothing I can do very well. But what’s a day without a challenge?

The workout (programmed by my one and only A) consisted of five rounds of a 250 m row and 8 ring dips. Rowing is not my forte. And ring dips are the one body-weight movement I could do without. (Let’s just forget muscle-ups for a moment. Oh and hand stand push ups. And those dastardly pistols. It appears I have a lot to improve when it comes to gymnastics. Hooray hooray!)

I eaked out one strict ring dip and was wrecked thereafter, switching to assisted that were more and more, well, assisted, as the workout progressed. I was fairly pleased with my splits on the erg: all were under 2:10. For most that is painfully slow but for me, it’s flying. I’ve yet to do a 500m time trial and get it under 2:10. My 250m time trial is 2:05. So keeping it in the 2:07 range was acceptable. It would be better if I could make all my times faster, but as long as I’m not getting slower I know there’s hope.

Rarely do I speak to people my age aside from A. And he’s nine years older than me. This newfound opportunity to small-talk with adults reminds me: I’m horrendous at small-talk. I imagine if I took every interaction to be an interview, I’d do better (interviews are my bread and butter) but my stress levels would be through the roof. It’s funny to be reminded that I’m awkward. There’s none of that at home.

Honestly, though, however sad it is to miss a couple of hours of e’s day (he grows so quickly!) it does feel really good to sweat, to breathe, to ache. My body says “this is life!” My heart and soul have been having all the fun. Time to share with the rest of me.


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