day 46: blocks!

In a particularly impassioned pregnant rant regarding my quest to create as simple and childlike as possible a childhood for bean, I banned all toys aside from blocks. And not any blocks, but made by good old Uncle Sam, with Uncle Sam’s wood, and with Uncle Sam’s non-toxic paint blocks. I even felt generous for allowing paint! I’ve since relaxed my stringent requests, if not for any other reason that I couldn’t very well return every single one of the gifts that kept pouring in for bean.

Yet there was another reason: bean was so wild when it came to playing, that any tough, blunt, sharp-cornered object could very well take out an eye. So despite my careful purchasing of Uncle Goose blocks (the closest I could get to Uncle Sam) for Christmas, I kept them to myself, wondering if this block idea was really all that great in the end.

A kid grows up a lot in two months time. Where I’m still trying to figure out if it’s actually 2014, (I feel like I missed the whole year; 2015? really? That’s next year, right?) bean has progressed from falling down five or six times a day to toppling maybe once. He’s started drinking water from a glass. He’s not only pulling himself up on the couch, he’s letting himself down. He has covered every inch of our unit without killing himself, even when he tripped over the pull up bar I’d put on the ground and banged into the weights (luckily they’re bumpers, right?)

So, I realized, he could probably handle some blocks.

And, he loves them.



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