day 40: offer

Today, I missed a call. This is not unusual; I miss almost every call that comes my way. I believe it to be a combination of repulsion for my phone and disinterest in talking to people. Combine the phone and talking and it’s a one-stop-avoidance-shop. I actually checked my voicemail (and actually cleared my mailbox so voicemails can be left, the first time this has happened since last Christmas) and lo and behold, on the recording was a kind voice, explaining that I should call back to discuss a job offer.

So, here it is, I have a job. Perhaps it will be perfect: it will allow me to stay home with bean, to be available to give him all my attention should he need it, to continue to stand by his side during these pivotal years that will determine his demeanor, his outlook, for the rest of his life. Very likely it will not be perfect. Nothing is, after all.


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