day 31: a piano, a training plan, and a lesson

The piano search continues. The Stieff was a dud. Luckily, I found out it was a dud before I bought it. Karl found a Petrof in Philadelphia that may be promising. Here’s hoping.

Many of my new year’s goals were dashed by my diagnosis. While I’m banned from ballistic movements, strength (smart strength with impeccable movement) is still on the table. Gymnastics, I suspect, is okay, but I do have to confirm. Everything I read says surgery is the last resort, not recommended, etc. But after two years, I still have no improvement, so I suppose I need the last resort. At least I’m lucky enough to have a resort.

This blog title no longer seems appropriate.

The best part of the day was certainly bean’s swimming lesson. Seeing him so thrilled to be flung into the air by his strong poppa, to be playing with the water, to be entranced by the other babies around him filled my heart.


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