day 28: surgery

It was another beautiful day. I spent most of it excited for braces, the last step in my journey to a functional right side. My hopes were dashed, though, by a heavy sheet of paper signed by one Dr. P., a mysterious radiographer who initially found the source of my pain and then told my that the past year and a half of appliances and jaw jutting have been for naught.

My right disc is still displaced, and the deformity in the bone is worse. Degeneration is accelerating due to the unnatural wearing. Arthritis is setting in. It’s a circus, and not a happy one.

The surgery scares me. It’s not often done, and there are few joint specific studies.

Also, e rang the bells hanging from the front door today. We leave them there for boomer to tell us when she wants to go outside. The sound and his joy were marvelous. Cacophony at its greatest. Then he gave me a big huge kiss.



2 thoughts on “day 28: surgery

    • Thanks warrior. It looks like i’ll have to put my oly goals on hold for the next three years at least. No ballistic movements. Anything overhead is also banned. New goal: get strong. Also, work on gymnastics.

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