day 24: swimming

Bean had his very first swimming lesson today! We’ve been so excited. I signed him up this past Thursday for their very last spot, and we’ve anticipated it since. A came home as soon as he finished coaching and we left for the pool immediately. In truth it was the fastest we’ve been out of the house since bean was born! Walking into the locker room, I was regaled with memories of elementary through high school: the chlorine in the air, my feet splashing through puddles, little girls rushing around trying to get their bathing suits on or struggling out of them. This time, though, I was a mom.

With bean in his new suit, we made our way onto the deck and sat while waiting for his instructor. It was a rather a mess: we were one of 15 other parent-child pairs, but for all of that it was everything I had imagined it would be. We waded into the water and bean had a beautiful time splashing and floating, doing the “rock and roll” and climbing into and out of the pool. He didn’t much care for the “pop, goes the weasel” game and by the end he was shivering and hungry so we left early. Still, it was beautiful.

To have A there on the deck, taking pictures and watching proudly, was wonderful. It was a perfect family thing to do. After the swim lessons, I fed bean and the we fed ourselves at Del Ray Cafe. The waiter was fun-loving and friendly as always, and the buckwheat gluten free pancakes were delicious and fluffy. Loathe to end the day, we lounged at M.E. Swings with coffee and tea and then wandered around MOM’s, the grocery store. Finally we came home to boom and had a few great hours sitting in the kitchen, being a family.

Soon, bedtime. All the reading caught up to me and I fell asleep with bean before the sky even darkened. He ended up waking at 0030, and was not going back to sleep. So, here I sit at 0330, finally catching up with the going-ons of my simple, sweet life. Bean is back asleep, and so I’ll go as well. But maybe a chapter first.


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