day 23: car’a’carn

I am well enamored with Robert Jordan’s epic

    The Eye of the World

. My first brush with it was the summer of my high school senior year, but it was incomplete at the time. I predicted I’d never be able to finish: with real life looming and the belief that that summer was to be my very last taste of freedom and leisure (things are so black and white for me) I imagined I’d never read the conclusion, even if Jordan lived long enough to write one.

Jordan, in fact, died before he finished, but the story was completed by one of his dear friends, Brian Sanderson. And now, stress-less as I am, I’ve undertaken the exciting task of finishing the series. I began again at the beginning, and am on the fifth volume.

The story is riveting. I turn those pages, spellbound. Most nights I find myself reading through 300 or so before I finally switch off my nightlight. This takes me into the wee hours of the night, leaving me a zombie when e wakes up. I catch up on sleep during naps, but this book party lifestyle is a young woman’s game.

Despite my reckless abandon when faced with this story, I do not care for most of the characters in this world. The women especially make me cringe. To be fair, those of the three-fold land I rather admire, but wetlanders all I could do without.

He shall slay his people with the sword of peace, and destroy them with the leaf.
–The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 6


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