day 21: yesterday’s dream

Yesterday marked the last day of interviewing for what has come to seem a dream job. The people are engaged and engaging, the environment is clean, bright, and all hail the work as stimulating and flexible. Ahhh, but is it flexible enough? Sadly, I think it might be on par with a Level II yogi where I really need @cyberyoga.


The thing is, if it isn’t, it really isn’t worth it.

What’s most important? bean. Taking a job which interferes with his upbringing serves to put the first thing last. When I don’t have to, why do it?

I’ve struggled so long to come to terms with my decision to stay home. I find no argument in my heart, but all around I feel the pressure to conform to what is expected. I think, in this case, my heart deserves a fair hearing. I’ll continue to listen to it barring a drastic change in fortune which would require me to work. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for flexible jobs, and keep brainstorming start-ups.


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