day 17: dry run

Today my dad sat through a dry run of my Tuesday presentation. e and my mom also tried to sit through it but that lasted all of ten minutes before e lost interest. I think my dad lost interest at that point as well but he was a trooper and stood attention until the very end.

It’s a lot to ask of a person: to listen to a bumbling lecture on quantum mechanics, specifically a topic which is typically avoided until the second or even third semester of an intensive course. I am going to be asking ten potential employers and colleagues to do precisely this. Risky to say the least. I’m just so relieved today’s presentation is not Tuesday’s; I’d be so incredibly embarrassed if it was.

I’m so grateful to my dad for listening and for his awesome feedback, to my mom for taking such good care of e, and to A for getting me a smoothie afterward to soothe my worries looks.

Also, I worked out today.



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