day 16: MRI

Today was the first day I’ve been away from bean for more than two hours. It was two hours and seven minutes, to be exact. It was quite glamorous, my escape: I sat in a huge magnetic field, changing every second with a clash and a bang, taking pictures of my hopefully-unbroken jaw.

If the findings are negative (or positive?) I’ll be Scott clear to move onto braces. I never thought I’d be so excited for braces again, but the promise of a pain-free life is Nirvana.

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to pick up some chicken. It was the same Whole Foods I visited the afternoon I found out bean was growing inside of me. I remember having a feeling this was it; something special was on the way. I bought so many vegetables that day, convinced i would be the healthiest ever in order to give my baby the best shot in this world. Then nausea came and I wasn’t eating much at all. Two weeks later I got my retainer and food was finished for me. Learning to eat again took a little over two months.

I like that Whole Foods. I think I’ll bring e there when he’s a little older and tell him all about the day we learned he was on his way.


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