day 13: dirac dirac

I will forever adore his brilliant mind.
I found myself in a state of reverence yesterday, reading Dirac’s monograph on Quantum Mechanics for sheer delight. Putting the interview out of my mind, I enjoyed his precision of expression, his brevity, his exactness. And I found myself remembering, and understanding.

My presentation is now complete in my mind. All that is left is to express it eloquently. I’m using an online application, Prezi, for the slides, and its flexibility is almost stifling. I suppose my thinking thrives in linearity, as much as any quantum mechanical operator.

Speaking of flexibility, my downward dogs sadly resemble a poor plank rather than that lovely triangle boomer so easily models. I believe now is the time to revisit Mobility WOD and work through the 365 + free videos Mr. KStar has created.

But now, back to the presentation; tonight, I promise to update with that ringing word proclamation: “done!”



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