day 8: achiever

I held so well to my day 7 resolution that I completely forgot to blog yesterday. I cannot say I am too ashamed; it was lovely to simply hold bean last night without a cold hard phone getting in the way. He’s laying against me now and I can’t help but feel I’m detaching myself from the sweetness of his presence by typing away on this lifeless device. Much better to be typing than to be scrolling, though.

Bean is moving like a steam engine these days. He loves to pull himself up to balance in his darling toes, and he can arrange himself in a seated position all on his own. The transition seemed slow but in reality only three weeks ago he wouldn’t even roll over unless he was on a soft surface. His progress is blinding in its speed.

I can only hope my own progress proves as swift: I’ve an interview in mess than a week and must know my thesis back and forth. Reading through it these past few days, I realize how little I remember, how much I must relearn. It is humbling, that, coming face to face with how much I was, knowing how much I could have been if I’d just carried on. There’s nothing for it except to begin again.

Mediocrity, I bid you a final farewell.


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