day 6: first snow

It’s here, the first snow if the season. It is the first snow of baby bean’s life. He loves to walk through it, wrapped to me. He delights in the sweet kisses of the flakes against his cheeks but my shoulder is a handy burrow when the wind blows too strong. His grin spoke of wonder.

I sat him in it, and boomer pranced about him. He moved like a penguin, his snow suit hindering elbows and knees. He wasn’t sure what to make of his cold bottom, but soon he looked down and patted the cold wet white. We returned indoors at boomer’s insistence, and since we’ve been cleaning and tidying, blinds open to the wintery wonderland that’s come.

It was a very good first snow day indeed.


Also, how is it possible to be so in love? I could watch him sleep all day, studying the light change across the curve of his cheek, the button of his nose.


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