day 5: a change in the wind

The prospect of piano-owning at this time is highly unlikely. Upon speaking with my aforementioned brother, pouring over Larry Fine’s piano-buying guide, and scouring Craigslist for hours, I’ll have to get very lucky to be able to buy anything worth having. I suppose that’s the case with pianos. The prices are in the several grands for even a decent upright, and sadly my jaw and it’s brokenness commands whatever disposable income we have at the moment (which, to tell truth, is in fact “savings” and not income at all.)

Now, I do have two very beautiful instruments already at my disposable: a violin and a guitar. While I could start giving piano lessons tomorrow, I’d need four to five years of solid practicing to be ready to teach the finer points of fiddling and probably ten to do the same for the guitar. Time isn’t getting shorter with me moping around though.

So, I plan on finding a good used set of Suzuki books and following along with guitar lessons online.

My gym performance is still suffering. That too isn’t getting any better with me just lounging around; light strength may be making me dizzy and slow metcons have me throwing up, but mobility is something I can definitely do.


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