not a good mom day

The croup nights caught up to me, climbed atop my shoulders with about 500 pounds to each of then, and commanded me to entertain a smiley (thank God) baby on a rainy day. Sadly I haven’t been training much and wasn’t prepared for this unexpected challenge. There goes my honorary Boy Scout status.

Poor bean suffered an utterly boring momma today. I did nothing much but look at him and carry him. I crooned some songs but my heart wasn’t in it. Even my automatic everything’s-alright-weapon is giving out. All signs point to thrush: every time the bean latches, and for the duration of his meal, and for a little bit afterward, it feels like someone is rubbing me with fiberglass. Hopefully the midwives will help and this won’t go on for too long. Also hopefully bean isn’t feeling any pain on his end.

And so, good night.


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