Our unit seems to be growing boxes. Everywhere I turn, a new one has appeared. Christmas is certainly coming. But one of these was not a Christmas present. Following the fall, I purchased a Japanese mattress for sweet bean. It lays on the floor and makes falls far less scary. Unlike a crib I can still cuddle with him before he goes to sleep. And, it had arrived, and lay in wait in one of those boxes.

In another box were his sheets, flannel to keep him warm, painted with bears and penguins and bunnies and moose to keep him smiling. So, yesterday we paired the sheets with the mattress and tried out the new sleeping arrangements. It was wonderful. I slept for the first time since the fall, and boomer slept with us since the bean first arrived on the scene. It seems she also yearned for a Japanese floor mattress; nothing else would do. I woke this morning sandwiched between boom and bean and I really couldn’t be happier.

Also, lest I forget, I really do have the best dad in the world. We shared some time on the couch after he picked boomer up from the groomers (she had gotten into something that warranted stronger stuff than I had.) It was really lovely. Even though I never really do know what to say.



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