Just before he fell asleep, bean brought his foot to his mouth and chewed on his button toes. It was his first time adopting that classic baby pose, and he already seems an expert.

Today, too, he rolled over on his mat. He loves to roll on the bed, in his crib, on the couch, on pillows, on any soft surface available to him, but the mat was never his jungle gym of choice. But now, with that first roll, he is exploring his surroundings with renewed interest. He rolled not once, but twice. And with his habit of rocking on his hands and knees I believe this little bean will be chasing boomer around in a matter of weeks.


And my own first: I completed 100 squats at bodyweight (120 lbs) for time. I took a whomping 32 minutes and 14 seconds to complete the task. Intending to retest in 3 months, I have a goal of 20 minutes. My physical condition is in bad condition right now, but I have big plans for improved strength and endurance as well as overall athleticism. The workout was last Tuesday, and today I am finally able to walk again with a semblance of grace. The past few days I resembled a baby giraffe.

I am not pleased with my lack of commitment for, nor my whiny attitude toward, working out. So what if I have to begin again; the road has always been long, but that’s never stopped me before. This will NOT be a first.


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