The days pass quickly. Weekends are short and it’s seven weeks until Christmas. So too this period of struggle for bean seems to be drawing to a close. His rash is fading, his poop is not bright green nor is it bloody nor does it smell worse than a three-day-dead rat, and he smiles more than he cries. I’d say that’s a win.

We braved the freezing air this morning and ventured to the dog park. Bean did not much care for the wind or the windchill so what began as a traipse and a wander transformed into an awkward shuffle to get indoors as quickly as possible. Not wanting to jostle the poor child to death, it was an eternal seventeen minutes before I was turning the key to the back door, and when inside I discovered that e was cold through and through even beneath his five layers. I have a lot to learn in my new role as a winter mom.


After that chilling debacle, A returned from the gym (oh how I envy him his every day workouts, oh how I miss being sore) and off we went to the Apple store. It seems that my computer is slowing down because it’s aging. It is inconvenient, but I’m not too put out. Right now it’s just a fancy music player. And for that I’d rather have a piano anyway.

After confirming my computer’s decrepitude with a genius dressed in blue (please bear with my Fitzgeraldian phrasing) we walked next door to William Sonoma. I enjoyed a sample of hot apple cider and attempted to get the attention of a store lady. Upon being ignored in preference of someone else who had not been waiting as long as I had, and then being told rudely that I would just have to wait again, I exited the newly-vile premises. I stole with me as much cider as I could carry. That sweet autumn ambrosia did nothing to deserve such rude company.

After shopping for groceries and procuring coffee, we drove to my parents’ house. Our visit was lovely. In addition to the happy grandparents, we saw my dear little brother and the first sight of a back-to-normal bean and his ever-ready grin. It was a good two hours.

If bedtime is any indication, tonight will be a rough one. But today was rather wonderful.


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