big sister

When it comes to bean, boomer is the picture of grace. She kisses him with unbridled enthusiasm, she puts her toys on his tummy and on his neck and on his face in endless attempts to play, she tolerates his elementary attempts at petting which often devolve into fistfuls of yanked fur, and she makes sure he has a good view outside whenever she sits on the windowsill.

The first to have my heart, these days she is sometimes neglected when it comes to snuggling. Long ago she left the bed, and my lap is so often occupied with bean that I cannot remember the last time she curled up in it. But this morning, I was lucky enough to curl up around her. We shared a previous six minutes, just the two of us, before bean was tired of Sophie and needing a hug.

The teething (or whatever it is) has gotten much worse. So, we spent most of today outside. Perhaps boomer is not so sad after all; maybe hours of sunshine and daily excursions to the forest and the dog park make up for missed cuddles. I certainly hope so. She’s the glue that binds us.



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