there are days specially marked as “good.” these days may be spontaneous; indeed it is to the credit of the liver to have a multitude of these pleasant surprises. often, though, the ones that stay in mind are planned. whether it be a wedding or a christmas, once-in-a-lifetime or repeating, they offer inspiration of what life ought to be in every moment.

A and i shared a full two days of schemed “good.” we set off on an adventure to southern virginia, over the river and through the woods and up into a great appalachian hill. our destination: a resort, owned by the primas, rented for our partial use. we played in stone and fire, we slept in wood and iron, and the rain sang to the ebb and flow of our moments.


it brought us to that intimate understanding, that brimming companionship: so familiar in our courtship, it seems to flee in the face of routine and obligation.

it brought me to that land of dreams, where everything is possible and work is good. where living was not so difficult.

it is a goodness which gives me courage to face ordinary days, soul-draining days, days marked by rage or bothers or ennui. i face them and i find what is beautiful within. and so today, one of those ordinary days, i decide to make it good.

for an hour (or until I can’t get back to the erg): row. every two minutes, 3 single leg deadlifts (each side) #95. score is meters.



only made it to 18 minutes until deads took all my time. 1786 m. goal: develop fitness and engine to the point where i can complete this workout.