This week marks the gap between my old job and my new school. The exit and the entrance.

Sweet boom has been keeping me company as I finish up projects and do rounds on the erg. Days pass in that lazy type of way that flies faster than a falcon. Evenings are devoted to the characters of Dominique Francon and Howard Roark. Nights are strange.

Aby is sleeping on the couch again due to the cruel rebound of the flu. Boom keeps his chest warm, wise in knowing which of us needs her most. This leaves me to my own strange dreams, subluxed ribs, and muscle knots. The ribs and knots are nothing new but the dreams are of a new kind. In them, I keep missing classes and it devastates me. Each noted absence separates me further from what I know, who I love.


Then I wake up and everything is right and good. I wonder if I’ll be pregnant in my dreams one of these days. The bean is moving more and more. I think he’s practicing v-ups.




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