day 343: meeting in the middle

With joint decisions, different convictions formed from different experiences and based on different backgrounds can cause disagreement, frustration, and ultimately stress. Ultimately our goal is to converge, and we agree that meeting in the middle is generally wisest (though neither of us believe it is entirely correct.) The definition of middle is what each of us is trying to wiggle. I am reading and A is reading, and perhaps a middle on which we can agree will emerge with more information.


Despite our arrestment, the bean is growing like a weed. Twenty weeks means he’s halfway here, the size of a banana, and swimming around like a seawolf. We love this little guy so much. Boom is excited to be a big sister as well. She’s sleeping with her eyes open right now, probably to practice how to keep an eye on the little bean at all hours of the day.

Speaking of all hours of the day, my schedule next semester is not the best. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have a 9:40 AM class then a 6:40 PM class; Tuesday and Thursday I have an 11:00 AM class then a 5:00 PM class. Plus a couple more scattered here and there. It will be alright, I suppose I was just looking forward to spending some quality time with boom before bean comes out into this great, terrible, wonderful world.




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