day 340: losing count

I do it all the time: reps, stitches, blessings, weeks, sheep…my counts tend to go something like 1,2,3,8,5,6,3,10,7,20,5,6,7… I’m not sure why I can’t keep the numbers straight.

Order is not my strong point in any aspect of life. Just take a look at my wee desk. With at least 50 pounds of paper piled on top and boxes all over the chairs, my tiny table is twice it’s natural height and has lost 3/4 of its seating.

I’ve survived thus far with the twister that is my life, but I do hope to keep it contained to just me. With the many onlookers and friends I’ve made, though, it’s sure to affect someone else. I think as long as I undercount my reps and overcount my blessings I can’t go wrong: I’ll work harder and be happier. As for my stitches, the hats may be a bit too big, maybe even lopsided, but I’ll figure out a KT-proof system soon. And time? Well, I should stop trying to count it and just live in it.

Sheep? With all I’m knitting, I might as well buy a whole farm of them.





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