day 308: tuesdays with morrie

My Morrie is my older brother. He is my oldest, dearest friend. Fiercely protective, agelessly wise, murderously witty: these traits only hint at his distinction. He called today, just to say hi. I filled him in on my swirly thoughts; he turned them from a tornado into a cone of soft serve.

I explained (in fewer words) my dilemmas, my decisions, what is in front of me and whether I should turn around. Here is what he said:

“Life is so much more than being comfortable.”

“While it seems cushy now, in the long run you’ll be limited.” “You’re very convincing, don’t convince yourself out of a good thing.”

“Money issues will always be there, no matter how much you make; think back to a year ago, did you have money issues?”

“Take this opportunity by the horns and run with it.”

“Invest in yourself.”





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