day 300: adjusting

Today was the first of a new schedule for A and me.

The prospects that excite and calm me:

  • these are the first steps to a life I want to lead, a me I want to be
  • dreams, however big and hairy and audacious and crazy, are actively encouraged
  • the incredible and loving support of my husband from whom I draw inspiration

The hard facts that make me sad:

  • an end to lazy afternoons with the boom; less time being her momma
  • interference with A’s hustle to his dream job

What can I do to tip the balance to only good? Time with boom will be sorely missed, but I can do better with the time we do have. We can go on more adventures. I can join in on her squirrel hunts. I can give her more of me when we’re lounging in her favorite spot: loving her actively instead of browsing the interwebs while barely noticing her sweet sighs. For A, I can use my new position to find him opportunities, to introduce him to go-getters and elevators, to announce his drive and his dedication and his ever-growing skill to the world.






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