day 296: play ball

Game 2 of the World Series and the Red Sox have the lead. This Wacha kid is killing us though (his arm will tire sooner or later.)

It’s a rare evening if voluntary TV watching for me. After a busy week and with boom tucked in warm on my belly, it seems the right thing to do. A is getting dinner with his ride; I dropped him off at the gym today because I had a test to take. (The parking situation is iffy at night, so we try hard to avoid taking both cars out of the complex.)

The test followed a talk which has been ruling my days and evenings. With one week’s notice and hardly any material to speak of, I miraculously pulled it off. It was probably the worst presentation I’ve ever given, but I received firm handshakes and pats on the back at the end of it. Maybe everyone was distracted by the fact that they could hear me for once. Pinstripes, I tell ya, pinstripes.

Today is a different kind of day; nausea reared its ugly had and I was arrested by a sharp pain in my tummy. Luckily the pain was acute in both quality and duration, and I was doubled over for only a few seconds.

And Ellsbury gets a base hit! First of the night!

Tomorrow is another one-on-one interview with lululemon. It comes at a good time: my student of two years is outgrowing me (and finding more joy in peer group study) so tutoring income has slowed to a trickle.

Pedroia makes the out! What a dive, what a catch!

Sadly Holliday gets a run.

Speaking of holidays, Sanna Annuka is releasing her illustrations for Hans Christian Andersen’s the Fir Tree in time for Christmas. Her prints are magnificent.


And my fable:

Rejoice in your youth,” said the sunbeams. “Take pride in your growing strength and in the stir of life within you.




2 thoughts on “day 296: play ball

    • tough loss (for us) the other night, but a tie makes everything so much more exciting! Tonight will be interesting…

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