day 293: one good thing about music

I forgot how to listen to it. I forgot how to put on my headphones and let my cares fade away. I forgot that the mindless become beautiful when placed to a soundtrack.

I stopped listening to music while I worked during my senior year of college. I thought, now is the time to focus, now is the time to make something of myself. Music is distracting; I space out, I listen instead of working, I lose myself.

And so, I turned off my records. I stopped ripping CDs from the library. I left my DJ gig. I slowly forgot the 60 GBs of song title, artist, and album I had memorized and stored on my classic iPod from 2004. Music was relegated to radio on car rides, silly outbursts of happiness, and whatever was playing in the gym. I paid more attention to the world around me. And I paid more attention to the thoughts I had.

Which brings me to now. Some thoughts aren’t worth having. Some work deserves distraction. Sometimes music makes the world around me much prettier. So there it is. Welcome back, music. I’ve missed you.



none but ourselves can free our minds

— Bob Marley




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