day 291: dew frost

boom and I set out on our morning walk to be greeted by frost at our feet. Not yet cold enough to be a blanket, it looked instead as though little faeries had scattered diamonds during their nighttime mischief. boom frolicked in her usual manner until we found ourselves back at out door. Her post-breakfast nap tempts me to join in, but I must go soon. Bromination of vanillin is on the morning’s schedule, then an exam at 1300.

Time with this pup and A is all that seems to keep me going lately, all that brushes aside the annoyance of societal and self-imposed responsibility. Perhaps the nausea is getting to me. Or maybe it’s just life. In any  case, I’m glad my life involves pre-dawn frost and brisk walks. These are the times I actually feel alive.

Cheers to this next week. I am promised the nausea will fade away, and a return to the gym is welcome. Strangely enough, I also want to run. I haven’t felt the urge in years–not since my shoulder starting hurting and I found CrossFit. Perhaps I’ve forgotten the pain (though it continues to plague me.) I think what I long for is the freedom, the escape. In CrossFit, I am present in every breath and every grunt. Running, I escape. I outrun everything I hate about life, all the disappointments and the wasted time and senseless courtesies, and I chase everything I want to be, every way I want to live, every life I want to build, until I reach a magic kingdom of hard work worth working, a place where time is defined by love, and the world is that for which God created us.

Heal poor foot, heal.





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