day 288: twelfth week

Extra! Extra! Hey look at the headline!

Okay, this is not a Shakespeare parody, and it is not a performance of Gypsy, but boy oh boy is it exciting and magical and yes, yes, miraculous.

In approximately thirty-two weeks, A and boom and I will be joined by a little bean. A little baby bean that’s been growing inside of me for the past twelve weeks or a little less. (It’s gotta be less because I don’t think I can be preggers while bleeding, but that’s when they start counting.)

This is the day I took the test, and this is the day our lives began to really change.  We are thrilled. We are worried. We are some strange combination of frantically stressed and comfortable nonchalant. Overall our hearts are just overflowing with love for this little bean, and it’s spilling onto everyone else.


I know I’m super lucky. Boom is super cuddly and A is super caring and the bean seems to be growing big and strong and healthy. And my love for these three is just blooming, more than I could ever hope for or imagine. It’s wonderful.

Haha I’m crying, but joyful tears right now. What blessings these heightened emotions can be. They really make me wake up and smell the roses. Even when those roses happen to be car commercials.

Other than these crazy up and downs, little bean has been good to me. My appetite has been strange (NO MEAT, NO EGGS, NO VEGETABLES YUCK GROSS) and working out has been hit or miss (mostly miss.) But I’ve only chundered once! Our doctor said these small annoyances should calm down soon.

Maybe now, dear readers, you are enlightened as to my recent decisions. I am so excited to be a mom, and I want to do things with my life that will help me be a really, really good one. As for yesterday,

A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.

— Carl Sandburg




2 thoughts on “day 288: twelfth week

    • Thank you Warrior!! It is so incredibly happy, we can’t help but smile when we think about it. Blessings and angels and wondrous things!

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