day 285: I want to make all the things and that’s all I want to do!

First off, A just had a staring contest with Boom and the little pup won! Woohoo puppy! And great job to A for being such a good sport. This made me grin big.

It’s been a day of lounging: couch lounging, chair lounging, and now back to couch lounging. Oddly enough the chair lounging seems to be part of a completely separate day than the couch lounging that bookends it. We shared it in a getaway with friends, drinking bottomless mimosas (just straight orange juice for this girl), laughing with eyes squeezed shut, and keeping up with the game on TV.

The small walks I took throughout the day were refreshing with the brisk wind kissing my cheeks. Every step brought with it a small knife to my hamstrings: Friday’s Romanian deadlifts are making themselves known. It is a good feeling from a relaxed workout. Right now I’m really favoring the WODs that encourage breathing :) Even on sprint or endurance das I take my sweet time. It’s what I need right now.

It’s nice to be back home again, boom nestled between us, carrying on the gamewatch cozy and reclined. I’m not feeling so well; my body isn’t quite right. A little bit of nausea and an overwhelming weariness racks my chest: odd but not the worst thing ever.

I’m using this recline to feed my suddenly insatiable appetite to make things. Everything. I want to make Christmas. I want to make friendship. I want to make hugs and cuddles and kisses. I want to make moments and memories and joy. At least, I want to make things that will inspire those wondrous aspects of life. Here, again, a small collection of all the things I want to make:

128-blanket-600-5 lap-duvet-dots-425 lovenotes pixie_dust_blanket_snowflake-600-3 braided-friendship-bracelet-600-5 cashmere-cuff-63-600   Dipped-Towel-10 Felted-Coffee-Cozy-20wool-liberty-teddy-bear-600-7


KT needs a sewing machine



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