day 281: 1, 5, and 10 years from now

Goal-setting: the single most effective way of becoming all you want to be.

In these past few months I’ve been a floater, a flitter. These reflect both who I am and who I’ve decided to become. It is a foundation fit for a wild thing.

My goals:

10 year
career a. I make significant contributions to my company and to science by December 2023
career b. I am mentor and adiser to a driven individual who will stop at nothing to be great by December 2023
health a. I win a USAW even within my weight and age division by September 2023
health b. I am invited to and compete in CrossFit Regionals by April 2023
personal a. I surf every morning by May 2023
personal b. With A, I co-own and coach at a CrossFit box by December 2023

5 year
career a. I defend my dissertation in biomedical engineering by April 2018
career b. I am Scientific Coordinator for lululemon athletica’s Innovation team by September 2018
health a. I can perform middle and side splits, standing front- and backflips, and flags by December 2018
health b. I am a full “supple leopard” ala Kelly Starrett by October 2018
personal a. My husband and I are blessed with children, raising them to chase and expand their potential by December 2018
personal b. I am a bowhunter by hunting season 2018

1 year
career a. I organize and execute an event for children with cerebral palsy utilizing yoga, looking to Dearbhla Kelly’s work, by October 2014
career b. I am a competitive candidate for the Hertz scholarship in biomedical engineering by September 2014
health a. I can do ten consecutive strict pullups by February 2014
health b. I practice Budokon by July 2014
personal a. I make all Christmas presents for family and friends by early December 2013
personal b. I continually keep a clean and organized space every day.



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